Commercial EVSE

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public_evseAre you a local Sacramento area business or employer that is considering adding an electric vehicle charging solution? Let us help!

Many current and potential EV drivers have expressed “Range Anxiety”, or the fear that when away from home they may run out of charge, or not know where to plug in for their next charge. A major part of overcoming Range Anxiety is the creation of accessible and visible charging stations located in areas that drivers already frequent.

When public charging stations are installed at shopping centers and restaurants they become magnets for new business! The growing market of PEV drivers – from out of town and local areas – will stop to shop in your community or destination while waiting for their car to charge.

So what do you install? In some situations, a simple dedicated NEMA 14-50 outlet is all that is required to allow a customer or client utilize their own charging cord. In others, a dedicated commercial EVSE “charging station” with a J1772 connector would be the better choice. Contact Us today and we can help you sort out the best options for your situation and location.

bend-oregon-nema-1450-620A simple NEMA 14-50 outlet placed in a prime location in your parking lot is by far the least expensive option for a public electric vehicle charging solution.

This is a perfect solution for an office building or other employer where the driver can expect to be parked for several hours, and won't mind bringing along their own charger cord to access your equipment.

A NEMA 14-50 outlet is also a great solution for a small B&B or apartment community to offer charging to guests and residents.


Dedicated Commercial

For a more robust and easy to use solution for your customers, clients or residents, a level 2 EVSE charging station is the ticket.

Coupled with a dedicated parking space, this solution tells everyone that you are serious about customer service and sustaining the environment.

This is a simple solution for customers, as they do not need to bring along equipment to pick up a charge. A level 2 charger such as this Clipper Creek HSC-40 (pictured) can charge all current PEV's including Tesla (with adapter).

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